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Teething-How to take care of your Baby

In every parent's life, the first tooth of the baby is a monumental event. But teething can be uncomfortable for your child. You should know about teething to help your baby get through it. You can visit your pedodontist who will monitor your baby's teeth for decay and can guide you properly.

Practice Oral Hygiene for Bleeding Gums

The most common symptom of gum disease is bleeding gums. They point to oral health problems. Sometimes, bleeding of the gums is also caused by brushing your teeth too vigorously or wearing dentures that don’t fit correctly.

How to Maintain Oral Hygiene in Lockdown

The COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown have placed everyone on high alert. There are different problems that people are confronting; anxiety is running high; people are experiencing a rare combination of stress and boredom day-in, day-out. Now, if we add dental issues to this mix, it is another cause of worry for you.

How to Floss Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing compromise the basics of good oral hygiene. You should keep your other parts of your mouth, such as gums healthy, to benefit your comprehensive health by preventing the spread of germs and disease.

COVID-19 and its impact on Dentistry: Important guidelines

We are all well aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has impacted almost all the sectors. Healthcare is no exception. In fact, the healthcare sector suffered one of the major blows. With all the eminent medical bodies initially suggesting to postpone non-essential planned procedures, only emergency cases were prioritized.